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Touch Canada Returns to USA Nationals 2023

Updated: Feb 2

Canada West Team

What a fantastic week for Touch Canada at the US Nationals in Oklahoma! We brought down two teams (Canada East & Canada West) eligible to compete for the first time.

Despite minimal preparation, our Canada East team secured a crucial win in a tough group. Guided by instrumental coach Oscar Davies, the work rate and energy shows how much more we could do in the future.

Canada East Team

Meanwhile, under the expert guidance of Luka Reedy and Sion Atkins, Canada West achieved a historic finish by reaching the finals—an unprecedented feat for Canada—surpassing top US teams and contending for the bronze medal. Their 4th place among 14 teams showcased their dedication, extensive training, and wholehearted effort on the field.

Both teams have laid a strong foundation for the future, which includes numerous tournaments in 2024, including the aim of a second-ever appearance at a World Cup.

All-Women Touch Canada Referee Squad

Special thanks to our incredible referees—five reps (Rachael Atkins, Taylor Kapaiwai, Alicia Shen, Lily Merret, Charlotte Girondel) from Touch Canada—who excelled at the US Nationals. Their multiple level-ups and outstanding performances, including Rachael officiating a Men's Open final, highlighted their invaluable contribution.

Lastly, thank you to all who helped plan, book Airbnbs, lend a hand with socials, keep on top of things, etc.

Looking ahead, the future looks bright for Touch Rugby in Canada!

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