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Membership Criteria

The following criteria applies to the evaluation of admission of potential Associate Members to Touch Canada Inc.


1) The existence or establishment of a social group, club, organization, unincorporated or incorporated association, not-for-profit corporation, trust or entity whose goals and objectives include the advancement, development and growth of Touch in the Member's jurisdiction or territory.


2) Complete adherence to Federation of International Touch (“FIT”) rules.


3) Sustained and regular organization of, and participation in, an organized schedule of Touch activities and events.


4) Full and timely payment of Touch Canada fees.


5) The Member must uphold and maintain the integrity of Touch as a sport in its own right. 


6) The Member must acknowledge Touch Canada as the sole governing body of Touch in Canada. 


7) The Member must appoint a designated administrator as the direct liaison representative with Touch Canada. 


8) The Member must make best efforts to establish a succession plan for administrators, organizers and executive officers of the Member. 


9-) The Member must comply with the constating documents (including articles and by-laws), policies and other internal constitution documents of Touch Canada (as applicable), as the same may be amended from time to time.

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